Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Compost Newbie & more seedling sprouts

That's right, I'm a compost newbie. I have a plastic rubbermaid tub outside my kitchen sliding door. I started it with a bag of potting mix, which was probably unnecessary, but what the heck.

I've started adding to it. So far I have added:

* used coffee grounds
* broken up egg shells
* potato peels

It's been raining for two days so I'm going to have to wait to add some dry matter such as leaves and grass clippings. I also have some ashes I saved from my fireplace, so I plan to add some of those as well.

I am TOTALLY open to suggestions from experienced gardeners, so please don't be shy!  

On the sprout side, we now have thriving radish sprouts, my little basil sprout from my first post, and one tall cucumber sprout. Others are coming up, tomatoes have started and so has one of the green beans. Still waiting on the others.

Dominic, my youngest (10), is doing this garden with me. Each day he comes home from school and marvels over the growth of our plants. How fun!

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