Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tomato plants are growing!

This is just a quick update since I haven't posted here in a while. You probably thought I killed all my plants right? LOL Well not ALL of them. :-/

I had 6 tomato seedlings that seemed to be holding their own, so I planted them right into my compost bin (which is basically a small Rubbermaid container). They are doing very well!

I also have a basil plant and a parsley plant that seem to be doing well also. Those I bought as 4" pots from the store and planted them in containers. They are outside and doing well. I've already used leaves from them several times.


Sharon said...

They look great!
I thought my heirloom tomatoes plants were dead and they finally bounced back and have taken over the whole garden!

Tami said...

Cool! Very good job!

My kids and I planted some tomato seeds to see if we could get them to grow. Well, after thinning them out and replanting them, I have at least 10 plants that are over a foot tall. No little buds yet but I'm just excited to see that I didn't kill them to begin with. lol!